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The Process Of The Generator
Oct 29, 2018

Generator process

In 1832, bixey, a Frenchman, invented a hand-cranking dc generator. The principle of the generator is to produce induced electromotive force in the coil by rotating a permanent magnet to change the magnetic flux, and output the electromotive force in the form of dc voltage.

In 1866, Germany's Siemens invented the self-excited dc generator.

In 1869, gramm of Belgium made the ring armature and invented the ring armature generator. This kind of generator USES water power to turn the rotor of the generator. After repeated improvements, 3. 2KW output.

In 1882, America's Gordon produced a 447KW, 3-metre, 22-tonne two-phase giant generator. In the United States, tesla was determined to develop the ac motor when he was at Edison company. However, Edison insisted on the dc mode, so he sold the patent of two-phase ac generator and motor to Westinghouse company.

In 1896, tesla's two-phase alternator began operating in the nyala power plant, with 3750KW, 5000V ac power delivered to buffalo, 40 kilometers away.

Westinghouse built a power plant in Oregon in 1889 and successfully delivered 15,000 volts to pittsfield in 1892.