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Importance Of Diesel Generator Sets
Oct 23, 2018

Why should the emergency shelter be equipped with diesel generator sets? Many cities and regions have such emergency shelters. Many people think that emergency shelter is a random time with limited possibility, so the configuration of diesel generator sets is not a necessary behavior. Here's how. How to do it right.

Construction of emergency shelters in line with the principle of "flat" disasters, usually don't change the park landscape, leisure, entertainment and fitness function, only in the earthquake, fire, flood, large area of gas leakage and sudden public events, city residents can under the government organization, quickly evacuated to shelters, and get the basic rescue, medical, material, etc to ensure the emergency shelter is residents' normal life.

Above these basic living operations need the support of electricity, and in the event of an emergency, the diesel generator set on the replacement of the paralyzed power supply system played an important role, therefore, we should look at the emergency shelter from a long-term perspective of the diesel generator set. The construction of emergency shelters and the allocation of generator sets in urban areas may sacrifice certain economic benefits in the short term, but actually it is beneficial to all residents.

So it is necessary to configure the diesel generator set.