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Diesel Generator Market
Oct 02, 2018

1. The products pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection. The domestic generator market presents the following main characteristics: high industrial concentration; Product structure is single, homogenization tendency is apparent. These characteristics do not change much in the short term. With China's explicit encouragement of independent research and development, as well as the development of low-carbon economy, will lead to the whole engine industry shows new characteristics: environmental protection, energy saving, wide application of high technology. The generator manufacturers will increase research and development efforts, the next few years will appear more clean fuel for the power of new electric products.

2. Adjust the product structure, expand the international trade market and expand the export of generator products. First, while not giving up the export of general generators, we should strengthen the research and development of special and special motors, and expand the market field and market share by adjusting the product structure. Fourth, the efforts to expand the temporary immature market, for the export of motor products to expand sales channels.

3. Increase technological innovation, actively respond to technical trade barriers, and promote the export of generators. We should fundamentally change the monotonous varieties, the structure of the bureau and backward, aimed at the high-end market, re-positioning, constantly innovate. The implementation of international standardization strategy, increase China's generator production, export standards and international advanced standards in line with efforts to improve the technical level of domestic export enterprises and the ability to deal with the risk of international trade barriers.