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Analysis Of Control Circuit Of Packing Machine
Nov 05, 2018

Analysis of control circuit of packing machine

The control transformer TC secondary side outputs UOV voltage as the power supply of the control circuit. The power switch QF coil is controlled by key switch SB and position switch SQ2. In normal operation, the normally closed contact of position switch SQ2 is in the closed state. However, when the headboard belt cover is opened, the SQ2 normally closed contact is disconnected, cutting off the control circuit to ensure personal safety.


(1) control of spindle motor Ml

42. Press the start button SB2, the contactless KJV1 coil is electrically attracted, KM main contact is closed, and the main shaft motor Ml is started.

The positive and negative rotation of the spindle is realized by multi-disc friction clutch.

(2) control of cooling pump motor M2

Only when the contactor KM coil is electrically engaged and the main and shaft motor Ml is started, the upper knob is switched on SB4 to make the intermediate relay KA1 coil electrically engaged and the cooling pump motor M2 can be started. When Ml stops running, M2 stops running on its own.

(3) control of M3 motor with fast tool rest movement

Rest of fast moving motor M3 is started by the installation at the top of the feed control handle to control button SB3, it with an intermediate relay KA2 point move control links „ manipulation of the handle to the desired direction, press the button SB3, intermediate relay ICA2 coil electricity and, motor M3 electric start, head will move quickly to a specified direction.