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Safe Use Of Fully Automatic Baler
Dec 10, 2018

As the automatic packing machine still needs human operation, monitoring and maintenance, its operation is in the man-machine environment, from the perspective of safety, to ensure the safety of witnesses, aircraft, the environment must coordinate man-machine relations, to ensure the safety of the system. So in the use of automatic baling machine, some safety precautions should be paid attention to.


The first thing to note is that the operator must read the instructions carefully before operating the baler. In real life, many people will ignore the role of operating instructions, even to consult others are not willing to calm down to read the instructions in detail, so ignore a lot of problems need to pay attention to, and even cause property and personal losses. Should know, again the regulation requirement of the country falls, manufacturer can include the problem that needs to pay attention to in operation manual. Secondly, when operating the machine, the operator shall not place the body part in the space that can be reached by the rear folding cover plate to prevent accidents. Also in the loading and unloading of tape and normal maintenance or repair, please be sure to shut down the power source, air source, in order to ensure safety. Last but not least, untrained personnel are not allowed to approach or touch the machine at will and do not cause unnecessary harm due to curiosity.

The use of automatic packing machine should not only pay attention to the above content, but also pay attention to the consideration of mechanical workspace design. The use of the working space of the baler shall ensure that the operator has adequate room for movement in accordance with the psychological and physical requirements; In addition, there should be enough space and safe passage for avoiding accidents at dangerous operation points.